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29.02.2016 10:01

End of February

Here are some photos from 24th and 27th. Not so great weather but they shone behind the clouds.



In the clouds

Over Kef Airport


Hopefully March will give better of clear nights for us smiley

24.02.2016 16:05

This night.

They showed up but hiding behind the clouds. Here are few shots from this night.


Old trail road.

Hiding behind.

Hidden but glowing

Moon over Hafnir

Rock cairn at Ósar

Probably cloudy days ahead but i will be check for opportunity to get some shots if there will be a chance smiley

23.02.2016 15:34

Last evening.

Few shots from last evening. This is only a low aurora activity, did not reach kp1 was about 0.67 when these are taken. Hope you like them anyway.


Lighthouse 1

Lighthouse 2

Lighhouse 3


Moonlight shadow

Until next time hava a nice day smiley


22.02.2016 13:30


That's all there was last night. Just a little faint lights which lived only for few seconds. Shot on top of my car to get some reflection. smiley


Rooftop reflection.


20.02.2016 22:02

Reykjanes last evening.

Beautiful calm evening it was and the northern lights showed up a little bit through the night cheeky


On the northern light road near the blue lagoon




Dancing in the moonlight


We will se if tonight will be fun as well smiley


19.02.2016 17:39

More of Northern Lights.

Here are few more photos fom my recent tours this February. Have a nice weekend smiley


Moonset at Garðskagi.

The reef.


Our shore.

The chief

17.02.2016 15:25

Beginning of February.

Have not said anything for a while. Here are some Photos from the beginning of February.


Sunset at Stafnes.

Near Djupivogur at Reykjanes.

Found a forest and almost got lost :)

View over Hvalsnes.

In Leira.



Garðskagi Lighthouse.

High above me at Garðskagi.

Thanks for taking a look. smiley

01.02.2016 16:37

At Garðskagi

Some shots from the evening of 19th  January.



On the top of the rocks

A touch of reflection


one more

The old chief


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