14.12.2017 19:16

November photos

Here are some photos from our tours taken through past November month. Hope you like them with us.


At the old lighthouse

At Leira

On that hill

At Leira

Just outside my hometown Garður

And another

Road to Aurora

Another one over the bay

And lets end this time with one from Leira

Thanks for taking a look. And if you are visiting to see the lights. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to go on a tour. http://www.northernlightcatcher.com/contact

11.11.2017 16:08

@ Reykjanes last evening.

So last evening i was walking at Reykjanes and getting my gear ready. When some car arrives and i am asked if it's a good place to see the Northern Lights, So i said yes if they show up they will be all around. So i am asked again if it would be ok if they stayed with me. Well of course. So i took one shot and showed them. All hells broke lose and everyone wanted to take a photo of the screen on my camera. I said lets do something else instead. Just go over there and try to stand still.

So the short version is that they were lucky to stumble up on me







Until next time take care of you and others.



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Um mig


Kjartan Guðmundur Júlíusson


13 Nóvember


Valbraut 8


Garður, Iceland

Father's name:

Júlíus Helgi Guðmundsson

Mother's name:

Sólveig Óskarsdóttir