06.03.2017 15:55

Krísuvík Tour

We went on a little tour last Friday evening on the hunt for aurora at Krísuvík. Here are some shots from the tour.


Kleifarvatn lake

Sebastian on the rocks


Aurora hunters


One more


Until next tour. Take care and see you later.

28.02.2017 03:04

Tonights show.

Hello there folks. It has been some time since i posted so i thought of showing you some photos from tonights walk.

Here where i live in a small town called Garður on the Reykjanes peninsula things are really happening. A year ago or so the council decided to make the town a Northern light town. And now finally when there is a good change to see the aurora. We can now turn off 10 lightpoles on the road and all the outdoors lights on near by buildings. And i tell you it makes the photos much nicer then having the ugly yellow light pollution around. Seeing that just made my day.


So here are some from tonight.


Tonight's sunset.


Hafsteinn Kroyer doing his work.

And 4 minutes to midnight at the lighthouse.

Tomorrow night is supposed to be even bigger BOOM so stay tuned smiley

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