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13.01.2016 01:49

At Lambastaðir

Some photos from the 10th of January.



Went on a boat

The Boat

Das Boot.

Me and the sea

The old time

The shore


08.01.2016 15:34

The Abandoned

This is just a none activity photo. What i mean is if you have a view to the sky. If you know what to look for then you always see some lights. Not strong but they are always there.
As long as the sun keeps on shining there will be lights.


In Leira,

05.01.2016 12:39

Happy New Year.

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Um mig


Kjartan Guðmundur Júlíusson


13 Nóvember


Valbraut 8


Garður, Iceland

Father's name:

Júlíus Helgi Guðmundsson

Mother's name:

Sólveig Óskarsdóttir