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31.12.2015 22:28

The rest of the year.

The year is almost over. One hour and 25 minutes left. Here are some photos from the later part of December.


The shore.

Christmas eve.

Just me.

A titch of reflection.

The lighthouse


Reykjavik light pollution (Mordor)


Happy new year.

28.12.2015 21:31

Photos from December.

Here are some photos from the first two weeks in December 2015. Taken on my tours around my home and surroundings. smiley


The old Lighthouse


Snowy rocks at the shore.

Road to Aurora.

Just me.

Route 45.

The beach.

I look at myself as an conductor and the sky is my orchestra.

The beach again.

Thanks for taking a look.

14.12.2015 13:42

On the road.

With Daniella and her parents :)




02.12.2015 23:26

At Garður

Some photos from this morning. :)








Thanks for taking a look.

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