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30.09.2015 01:02

Some new shots.

Here are some photos i took in the second half of September.


Moonset at Seltjörn pond.

Road to Þóroddsstaðir.


Some lights over Garðskagi.

Above Garður.

Moonshine at Reykjanes.

Reflection at Seltjörn pond.


20.09.2015 01:13

Few new Northern Light shots.

Since i do not have many Icelandic followers on here i am starting to write only in english. I think that way i will catch some more eyes to my photograph work.

Any way here are some new photos taken in September.

The shadow of the photomaker.

Path to the abandoned.

The Aurora arctic circle over Garður.

Old stone fence.

Golf under Aurora

Flaming aurora over Keflavik airport.

I hope someone enjoys my photos. And feel free to contact if you want to tag along on an Aurora hunt.

If you are on facebook you will find me here. NorthernLightCatcher

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