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26.11.2015 20:10


Some photos i took on my trip to Reykjanes the evening of 18th of November this year.


Moonset at Reykjanes.

Reykjanes lava.

The Lion.

The Polar Bear.


Valahnúkur at Reykjanes.

Great Auk Art Monument at Reykjanes.

The rock on 28mm.

And the rock again on 16mm. far away beside the moon set you can see Eldey a small island where the Gannets live.


Thanks for taking a look.

20.11.2015 20:57

New Photos.

Some photos from my recent trips in November. Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking a look smiley


Holy lights.

Above the clouds.

Lights above the airport.


Garður old lighthouse, where the lights are pumped out. :)

Me in Leira.

Stóri Hólmur in Leira.

Me again in Leira.

Over Reykjavik City.

With Joanna and Declan at the old lighthouse.

My car.

On the road again.

And as always there are plenty more photos in the album. Have a nice weekend.

04.11.2015 23:38

With or without me.

With or

Without me


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